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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Monday, 19 February 2007 11:00

feb 20.jpgIn my lifetime I have had a number of jobs in many different professions but I have to say, I have finally found one I truly enjoy. I love learning! I have teachers from my past who would keel over laughing to hear that coming from me but I suppose with maturity comes sensibility and fortunately, I have matured.

An RV park, where there is a high turnover of visitors, is a perfect place to learn new things as I am inundated with a variety of computer issues every week and each one becomes a “teacher” of sorts.

As any of our regular readers know, I am somewhat of a computer “geekette” (I saw that word used to describe female geeks on a website today) and here at Catalina Spa and RV Park I am also known as the computer tutor. I have learned so much about computers since I have arrived here; encountering unique problems which, with Microsoft support or the help of other Catalina guests, have been resolved. The interesting thing is that though the problems are unique at the time, they suddenly start showing up on other computers. Then when I go to fix them (with my new found knowledge) I look smarter than I might have a week earlier!

As my computer knowledge grows, I have more to share with folks in my computer classes and so I become both the teacher and the student….And I wouldn’t have it any other way!


This is a picture Rick took recently of an interesting cloud formation here.