Making Up For Missed Days PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Sunday, 18 February 2007 11:00

img_1340 (custom).jpgBecause we didn’t do much celebrating for my birthday and Valentine’s Day was really just another day we planned to go to the Morongo Casino for awhile on Saturday night. We both decided before entering the casino what we were willing to lose and went inside with the set amount in our pockets.

Being the non gamblers that we are we played penny slot machines, each of us starting with a $10 bill. Somehow we found a couple of vacant machines beside each other that were particularly lucky. We both played for several hours without feeding anymore money into the machines and at the end of the night Rick walked away with an extra $150 in his pocket. I spent $10 so it was not a bad night!

Our weekend went by so fast it was hard to believe it was here at all and already we are into Monday. After a hot and sunny weekend we are back into a cooler day with clouds hovering around the mountain. According to some of the folks in the park, there is more snow on the mountain top which can’t be seen for the lingering clouds. I didn’t get out for photos because I was crazy-busy with work so this will have to do.