A Moment of Panic PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Monday, 12 February 2007 11:00

feb 13-07.jpgTomorrow our wee house guest, Makai, his parents and his little sister, Monet, will be boarding a plane and heading back to Mission, BC. The past eight days have flown by and it is hard to believe that they are leaving so soon.

While Rick and I worked this morning, Makai and Ian drove around for a while on the golf cart. They also chased balls on the putting green while Karley minded Monet. In between locating kid's stuff scattered between the rental unit and our Moho, doing some laundry and chasing kids, both Mom and Dad were kept busy. Just around noon Makai's Bear-Bear vanished and there were many tense moments spent looking for him.

The day before Makai was to fly on an airplane back to BC was not a good day to lose his comforting friend so we even posted a notice at the front gate in case someone found him. We retraced all the morning steps, searched the laundry room and picked through the garbage, all to no avail. After completely searching through the motorhome and the rental unit twice, finally in desperation Ian started to pull out the drawers of the kitchen in the rental unit.

Lo and behold, there was Bear-Bear with the kitchen utensils, right where his wee owner left him! Laughing The relief was almost palpable throughout the park and now we know that no matter what stresses are encountered tomorrow, there is one little boy who will be able to survive them. Now if we could just find a Bear-Bear for Mommy and Daddy.......