A "Short" of Sleep Day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Saturday, 10 February 2007 11:00

collage1 (custom).jpgNo one slept well last night. Well, no one except Monet, who slept 30 minutes longer than normal but Makai and the adults were all a little short changed.

At our suggestion, Karley and Ian went out by themselves for dinner last night while Rick and I babysat. Ian has been working harder than ever lately and as such, Karley and Ian needed some alone time with no little ones. I went to their cabin and watched TV, read a book and worked on my computer while baby Monet slept. Rick had the care of Makai at the motorhome and all went well there too. Karley and Ian had a wonderful meal, enjoying a pitcher of Sangria with it and finished the evening with a walk downtown Palm Springs. They arrived home early; shortly after 10:00 PM, and I headed home where I should have been able to fall asleep quite easily.

This is where the sleep thing comes in; I couldn't fall asleep, I tried and tried and eventually sometime well after midnight I did finally drift off. As a result of my restlessness, Rick wasn't able to sleep well either (he is sleeping in the living room with me on the foldout sofabed now). Because Sam sleeps on the bed with me, she too was disturbed and at 6:30 AM she started pawing at the closed bedroom door and woke up little Mr. Makai, a good hour and a half earlier than he usually gets up.

Meanwhile over in the MacLachlan cabin, the two Sangria soaked parents had a restless sleep too thanks to the alcohol in their dinner beverage. Since becoming a nursing Mom, Karley's body isn't used to drinking much and she feels the after-effects for a while when she does and both parents were up with Miss Monet at 6:30, her usual rising time.

And so we are all dragging ourselves today, though somehow Rick and Makai found the energy to play for most of the morning; first fishing, then flying a kite.