Good Timing?? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 January 2007 16:00

As you have read here, for the past couple of days I have been whining about how cold it is in this neck of the woods. Actually it is warming up, at least in the day time and we are hoping the freezing weather is behind us. Folks have been running their furnaces overnight to stay warm but the sun is all that is required to keep their rigs comfortable during the day.

We have a Hydra-hot system (a diesel and electric powered contraption that heats our water and works as a furnace). When we first took possession of our Moho we had a number of problems with our system which I wrote about at the time. After much grief the entire system was replaced and it has been working very well ever since. Rick learned a lot about the system when we had all the problems and even has a service manual typically used by technicians. He has meticulously maintained it and last year it was also serviced professionally when we attended the FMCA Rally in Pomona in the spring.

This morning it felt a little cooler in the Moho than it should have and when we woke up we discovered that the diesel part of the Hydra-hot system wasn’t functioning. After some trouble shooting and cleaning, the system started to work again. Rick spoke with the manufacturer who determined that he had done all that could be done and Rick then ordered a couple of replacement parts for a future servicing.

Tonight the overnight temperatures are supposed to be approaching the freezing mark once again and wouldn’t you know it…the diesel part of the Hydra-hot has malfunctioned AGAIN. Of course this couldn’t have happened in the daylight or even when the overnight lows are in the double digits Celsius…that would be just too easy. This is one occasion when the timing could certainly be better!

I broke down today and used my telescopic lens to capture a photo of this Mourning Dove, bustling up to stay warm. We just may have to join him!