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Tuesday, 16 January 2007 16:00

It is during times like these when I am extremely grateful to be married to a mechanically gifted man; times when the Hydra-hot furnace is on the blink and when our washing machine is acting up. After thinking Rick had solved the problem with the Hydra-hot again last night, this morning at 4:00 AM it quit once more. Fortunately, our heat pumps work very well (even in the cold) so we were still toasty warm but our showers this morning were short and sweet. The electric water heating system works well but with only it heating our water, long showers are out of the question.

Anyway Rick spent the day tearing the system apart, finding the defective parts, replacing them and putting it all back together again. While he was in the Mr. Fix-it mode he also repaired the washing machine (it would only work in one cycle) and then replaced a light fixture that quit a month ago. The components in our Moho are once again working like new and we (especially me) are very happy campers.

We had called a service center and they couldn’t get here to work on the furnace until early next week. The cost would have been a minimum of $180 just to look at it, then time and parts would have been on top of that. The same company could service the washing machine but that too would have been another $100 at least. Rickey did it all at a cost of his time plus a few dollars for parts and so we saved over $300 in cash; not bad at all. My man is definitely a keeper!

This picture was taken by Fred while we were in San Francisco of my sister Christine, me and my wonderful Rick on a San Francisco cable car.