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Thursday, 27 November 2003 00:00

Finally, after much procrastination, I decided to have my lower wisdom teeth removed along with two upper back molars that had failed root canals in them. Much to my relief, they were able to sedate me and the procedure was much less painful than I had anticipated. I spent a few days eating soup and then suffered a little from stomach flu, but I survived and no longer have to be concerned about some teeth that have been giving me grief for a long time.

I am not a fan of laptop computers. I am a little spoiled because my desktop computer has a 21-inch screen and I wasn't keen to give that up, however a desktop just isn't practical. Rick and I went out and bought a large Toshiba Satellite laptop computer. I had made arrangements for a friend of mine to transfer all my necessary info from my desktop onto my laptop, however, he had suddenly taken ill and I had to tackle the process myself. It took me about a week, but I was successful. There was one little thing I couldn't figure out so I called my good friend Gitte, a computer wizard, who talked me through it.

Jay, Bill and Laura came up to the house with a moving truck and spent a day loading their furniture. There were far more things there than they had anticipated and their van was completely full when they left. In fact, they couldn't take everything that we were giving them as they had run out of room so we assured them that we would take a trip down to Markham with it later.

The next weekend we moved Jamie and Mary. It took a whole day to get them moved with Jay's help but it was finally done. The office had to be refined in order to fit it into the motorhome. Whatever was left was going to Goodwill or friends or the dump. We had a week left to completely clean and empty the house. The new owners were going to rent the house from us until they took possession sometime in late December. Today, all conditions were met and it was finally official!