The Night of the Masters PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Thursday, 11 September 2003 00:00

I had wanted Val, my Reiki Master to meet Rosanne for some time so I arranged a dinner at the house when we could all be together. With Rick, we enjoyed a tasty vegetarian dinner and then Val, Rosanne and I went upstairs to my Reiki room to exchange healings. First Rosanne lay on the Reiki table and Val and I jointly gave Rosanne a treatment.

I had given Rosanne a few treatments before and they have always been very "high energy" but I had never experienced a treatment like this! Val worked on Rosanne's head, neck, shoulders and arms while I worked on her solar plexus, abdomen, legs and feet. Running Bear, Rosanne's high guide made his presence known almost immediately by making her eyes vibrate. It was like he was checking us out to make sure we weren't going to harm her. As soon as he satisfied himself that we were there to help her, he backed off and allowed her to enjoy what she was receiving. Both Val and I experienced some pretty powerful visions and when we were done, the three of us exchanged our experiences.

Then Rosanne did a healing on Val, followed by a healing on me. Almost immediately, when Rosanne started on me, my eyes started to vibrate like hers do when Running Bear is there. For me, it was very weird, as I had never had that happen before. All of a sudden, Rosanne said, "there's a spirit here" and I felt a large grin on my face. It was very strange because I could feel this grin but I knew it wasn't mine and I felt like a Mr. Potato Head with a plastic mouth stuck over mine. Rosanne knew the spirit to be Jim and I was not surprised. Jim was always fascinated with life after death and the fact that he had figured out a way to come through and communicate to us was so natural. He told us to tell Rick that he would be driving his "big rig" soon. Rosanne asked him when soon was and he laughed and said, "just soon". Then he said the house would sell on November 7th, and was that soon enough. He became very emotional and then he said he loves us all (the kids, Rick and I). Just before he left he said, "Keep smiling".Smile

Now, you need to understand that Rosanne was standing behind me during all of this, with her eyes closed repeating each word as they came to her from Jim. She too had a grin on her face. As soon as he left, the grin left our faces and I knew that it was Jim's grin we were wearing. It was very strange. Right after Jim left another spirit came forth. It was Dad. Rosanne tried to put him aside but he was very insistent so she let him communicate. He said he was very proud of the spiritual journey I was on. He said he saw me on a long, white path with a white light surrounding me. He was very pleased and happy for me.

What an amazing evening!