So Much Growth PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Sunday, 14 September 2003 00:00

The evening we got back from Thunderbay, I called Rosanne to welcome her home and to let her know we were back. I hadn't seen her since June and I was pretty excited to get caught up with all she had gone through over the summer and to share my growth with her. She wasn't home but I left a message and proceeded to get the RV settled when she pulled in the driveway. While Rosanne was away, I had a recurring vision of walking along a river's edge, one I had never seen. Somehow, I sensed Rosanne was to take me to walk along the Black River near Washago and I asked her if she would take me there. We set up a time in an evening a couple of weeks away. Rosanne showed me her coat that she had made with her Mom, some moccasins that she had beaded, a drum and a deerskin that she had tanned that summer in BC. She had dozens of pictures of her adventurous holiday and she journaled everything. We had so much to tell each other and before long the evening was gone.

Christine Barrett, my Angel friend from Doreen Virtue's seminar came for lunch on Friday, September 12th. We exchanged stories of our own growth with each other and the afternoon whizzed by. She is a very special person with an amazing gift and possesses a real sense of calm and while I was with her I felt like I was in the presence of an old soul. Christine is a Reiki practitioner and a registered Angel Therapy Practitioner. Anyone wishing a consultation with her can reach her through her website.

On September 13th, I was attuned to my Reiki Level 2 with Valerie Samson, my Reiki Master. It was a pretty amazing experience and again I felt further spiritual growth. My senses seemed more heightened and I was awestruck by the messages I seemed to be receiving from nature. I was now able to do some distant healing and I wanted to help Helen, my "other" mother-in-law. Helen is Jim's mom. She and I have been good friends since I first moved to Toronto, over 30 years ago. She had had her knee replaced a few weeks before and I hadn't been able to get to Lindsay to give her Reiki. I knew I could help speed her recovery if I could give her a distant healing. That evening I did my first distant healing on Helen. I was amazed at how well it worked and at how she could feel the energy as it was happening.

The 10th anniversary of Jim's death was around the corner and I felt that it was going to be very significant. I made a date with Helen to go over to Lindsay to give her a Reiki treatment.