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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Wednesday, 05 March 2008 09:31
mar 5-08.jpgWell my friends…I am finally writing here for you today. (Until I went to post this, I really didn’t realize it has been sooo long, so sorry folks!) Recently a few of you have written to me, asking me to provide an update and to be honest, I just haven’t had time. I know that may seem lame, but it is quite factual…life is very busy these days. Between Nerding, revisiting my spiritual side, trying to see the grand kids and dabbling in the AllCare pot, what little time I have left is spent sleeping.

Nerd calls account for close to 8 hours of each of my weekdays and occasionally some hours on a weekend as well. I have been pursuing my Reiki practices and all kinds of interesting things have been occurring with it, motivating me to delve a little deeper into it. Fortunately, the administrative duties at AllCare are being very well handled by Laura, so my role at the shop has been greatly diminished however I occasionally help out. Rick is overworking (big surprise!) and as a result has picked up a couple of bugs; first a cold that lingered too long and more recently the flu which really knocked him down. Maybe now that nature has forced him to take some time off, he will slow down his pace and relax a little more.

Most of the cosmetic changes that needed to be done at AllCare have been completed and with the slowest months, January and February, behind us, the detailing jobs are coming in abundantly. Spring arrived here about two weeks ago and now the trees are budding and there are spring flowers poking through their winter cover (and no, it’s not snow). Between the temperate weather and the mountains that surround us, everyday (even the rainy ones) we count our blessings and know why we have chosen BC as our home province. And to be truthful, life is so full I haven’t had the time to miss our old vagabond lifestyle!

I took this picture one evening several weeks ago from our deck. It may not be clear but the sight was spectacular!