A Very Rare Occasion PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Monday, 05 November 2007 02:26
nov 4-07.jpgTraveling east means we have to deal with a time change which is difficult enough and then this weekend we dealt with another one. The good news is after losing three hours getting here, we gained one overnight Saturday which definitely helped; I don’t know how pilots and other frequent flyers do it!

The wedding on Saturday was lovely; Shallen (the bride and Rick’s niece) looked beautiful and her joy was palpable, the weather fully cooperated and Scott (the groom) was bursting with pride. Aside from the union of this great couple, the best part of the event was the happy reunion of the Hollingshead family. Rick is the youngest of six siblings, four girls and two boys, and it is a rare occasion when all six of them are together in one place. There is an eighteen year span between them so by the time Rick arrived on the scene, a couple of his older sisters were already living away from home. In the 12+ years that Rick and I have been married there have been a few reunions but none with all six siblings at once. Their lives are full and everyone is busy with their respective families so inevitably at any large event one or two just are not able to get there.

Saturday was one of only three or four occasions when the opportunity arose that the clan assembled and pictures were taken. In this picture are the Hollingshead siblings from left: Rick, Gayle, Marilyn, Laird, Rhonda and Marie.

And the bottom picture is of the bride and groom, Shallen and Scott!nov 4a-07.jpg