Grampa and Makai's Big Backyard Adventure PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Friday, 27 July 2007 21:15
july 28-07.jpgAs I write this Makai and Grampa are embarking on a big backyard adventure. Yesterday Ian, Karley and Rick set up a tent behind the house. It was a tent that Karley and Ian were going to use about three years ago to go on a last chance before kid(s) camping expedition of their own prior to the arrival of Makai. That expedition just never came to be and the tent has remained packaged up until yesterday.

To Makai’s delight he and Uncle Jay played in it for a long time last night after supper and this morning before Jay went back to the city. Makai wasn’t happy to see his favourite uncle leave (he never is) and to make him less sad, Grampa suggested that he and Makai should go play in the tent. Somewhere during the playing efforts Grampa suggested that it would be fun for him and Makai to camp out in the tent overnight! All day long I have heard from Makai that he and Grampa were camping in the tent tonight AND roasting marshmallows! This afternoon Makai and Grampa even had to go to the store to buy the puffy treats for the big event.

Unfortunately, we swapped cars with Jay (we’re going to Yaletown tomorrow and we’ll make the exchange back) and he has the Mini which also happens to have a nice queen size air mattress in the trunk. So the adventurous twosome has a bed made up of several quilts and a sleeping bag, along with their pillows of course. Nothing says camping quite like the buzzing of mosquitoes and consequently there is the smell of a mosquito coil burning inside the tent which will be extinguished at bedtime.

My prediction… 11:00 pm, Grampa will be soundly sleeping and Makai, who will be wired from marshmallow sugar, will be ready for his own bed! I’ll keep you posted.

These pictures are of the backyard sleeping accommodations, Makai and Grampa waiting for the marshmallow(s) to cook, and the results of eating warm, marshmallow goo!