From Washington to Montana PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Thursday, 05 July 2007 13:13
july 6-07.jpgPerfect, quiet highways, mountains, apple orchards, vineyards, desert, canyons, rivers ranging from raging torrents to babbling brooks, serene crystal lakes, moss laden forests, sandy beaches, grain fields for as far as the eye can see; it all describes Washington state between Seattle and Spokane. Simply put; freaking gorgeous! The key to seeing it all; stay off the interstate highways and take the roads less traveled. Oh and I mustn’t forget…listen to the country, truck driving music on XM radio (fuel for my driver AKA Rickey!)

The trek through Idaho, though extremely short, was also a sight to behold, particularly from Sandpoint to the Montana state line via Hwy 200.

What can I say about Montana? It is a state that never disappoints us with its beautiful, wide rivers, the ranges of Rocky Mountains and the valleys speckled with log houses and agricultural homesteads and ranches. I can’t forget the ranchers with their cowboy hats; Montana is nothing if not consistent! Unlike Washington, with their overabundance of rain earlier in the season making everything a lush green, Montana’s vegetation seemed exceedingly dry (extreme fire cautions posted) and the trees leaves seemed almost crispy!

With the temperatures hovering between 36°C (97F°) to 40°C (104°F) we ran the genny much of the day to power the coach AC units. Tonight we are staying at a Montana Rest Area where overnight parking is allowed. The sky has clouded over and there have been some streaks of lightening but at least the outside temperatures have dropped a little!
july 6-07a.jpg