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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Tuesday, 08 May 2007 10:42
may 08-07.jpgThis morning I was up, showered and on the way with Sam in the car, to the vet so she could undergo her dental work. Poor little thing was starving this morning, so much so that she woke me up at 5:30 to let me know. I felt so bad for her because she wasn't allowed any food and that was compounded by the guilt I was feeling knowing what she was about to go through.

When I returned home, along with paperwork, I tackled cleaning the refrigerator; a job I evidently have put off for a very long time. I think I remember cleaning it in Desert Hot Springs (key word: think) but I know it was certainly not done recently. I have defrosted the freezer several times but the fridge just didn’t seem to be necessary. Anyway after a couple of hours of serious cleaning, the fridge is shiny clean again and to my surprise I didn’t find any unidentifiable objects.

Rick’s day was spent working on the motorhome. We have had a small hydraulic oil leak for long time and so today he went on the hunt to discover where it was coming from. As this is a diesel pusher, the engine is in the back and one of the three access doors is in the closet. In order to get at it, Rick had to remove all the clothes hanging in the closet and all our shoes from the floor, laying everything on the bed. The leak is fixed, a newly discovered broken clamp was replaced, our closet is cleaned and organized and we even created a Goodwill bag.

At 4:15 I returned to the vet to pick up our little kitty that was and still is, a little subdued. Her teeth were cleaned and one was extracted, she has a stitch in her mouth and will be on antibiotics for a week and painkillers for three days. When she got home I treated her to a small meal of smoked tuna (she needs to be on soft food for a few days) which she happily gobbled up. She seems happy (she purrs whenever we stroke her) and hopefully will be her old self in a day or two. Today was a major cleaning day; for the fridge, the closet and Sam’s teeth and now there are some definite sparkles coming from this part of the world.