We Are Back!! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Friday, 27 April 2007 00:58

apr 27-07.jpgYes folks, we are back in Ontario camped out in my sister’s backyard; we love country living! After a stop in Georgetown we boogied on up here and arrived shortly after 3:00 PM. Because the ground is soft here from the rain that they too had, we’re parked on the driveway beside the workshop. We have hydro and our water tank is full but for now we will be showering in the house which works fine for all.

What is it about finally arriving at your destination that makes you sooo tired? When we got here I was ready for a nap and last night we both fell into bed exhausted and slept soundly all night. When Christine returned home from work, we visited with her for a while and then went to visit our good friends Rosanne and Rob. They are also the keepers of our mail so we collected a bucket load of envelopes and magazines that reminded me that once again, I need to contact all these mailers and ask them to stop. Of course once we move residences, from here to our condo in BC, the addresses will be changed anyway but we get far too much mail. I don’t even want to think about the trees that are cut down to produce all the paper needed for the junk and unnecessary mail we get!

Though the satellite dishes are working great and we were on the internet very quickly, I couldn’t access our webpage or our email. It seems Hughes, our ISP, does some weird things to our internet making it difficult for me to access our webpage and our email. Fortunately, thanks to DatastormUsers.com I found a fix on one of the forums and lo and behold, I am uploading at last! Here is our temporary parking spot to be better resolved once things dry up and Fred (my brother-in-law) returns from his weekend away. You’ll notice the weather, though grey and cool, is no longer raining (at least for now).