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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Wednesday, 25 April 2007 23:22

apr 26-07.jpgAs we head north and the temperatures continue to drop and the rain is coming down in buckets I kept repeating those words to myself to convince me that we ARE going in the right direction. I recall reciting those same words once before, the last time we came back to Ontario in the Moho, and we were facing the same kind of weather. Arghhh!! Yell Since we hit Alabama, I have endured two migraine headaches. I am popping Advil Liqui-gels and my nightly eight-hour-sleeps are seriously being compromised when I have to get up several times to re-medicate. The heavy rains, thick grey clouds and periodic thunder is indicative of a pressure system that conflicts with my body’s system and I don’t like it at all.

This morning before we hit the road for Ontario, we went to the one and only Trader Joe’s in the area and loaded up on more goodies. We returned to the Moho just as the sky opened up and we were drenched with more rain. As we drove east on the I-90 it didn’t subside for what seemed like hours and when it did, the sky remained an ominous shade of dark grey until it rained again. We watched the temperature slowly drop until we were just outside of Buffalo when it dropped 5°F in 10 minutes from 17°C (63°F) to 14.5°C (58°F). By the time we reached the Milton Heights Campground where we are staying for the night it was 5:30, 7°C (44°F) and still raining.

So we are finally back in Ontario! The weather is cooler and wetter than we’d like it to be, but perfectly normal for this time of year. It is interfering with both the Internet and the television reception hence the delay in posting this but despite everything it is nice to be back!