Wet in Wakarusa and Beyond PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Tuesday, 24 April 2007 12:48

apr 25-07.jpgThrough the night the rain started; we both woke up to the sound of it beating on the roof and it was nice to hear for a change. When we got up for the day it was still raining… no wait, pouring and it was coming down hard enough that the Internet satellite was not working at all. Every morning before I get dressed for the day, I check the weather forecast and my email and today my routine was changed. The dashboard thermometer was registering a whopping 7°C (45°F) and the rain was showing no signs of letting up so I felt pretty safe dressing in jeans and a sweater.

Rick went out to R & R Custom Woodworking to pick up our newly resized tabletop and when he returned, after he installed it, we slowly prepared the Moho for the continuation of our trek to Ontario. We pulled out of the Travel Supreme parking lot just before 11:00. Our destination was Cleveland; a four hour drive from Wakarusa and our last stop in the USA to visit friends and pick up whatever we forgot or missed at Trader Joes. It poured with rain for the entire trip!

We arrived at a Wal-Mart parking lot only a few blocks from TJ’s shortly after 3:00 PM where we are “camped” for the night. (Any RV parks in the area are closed until May 1st.) After confirming with the store management that staying in their lot was okay, we headed over to North Royalton, a Cleveland suburb to visit with our friends, Don and Linda. It’s been over two years since we saw them last and it was wonderful to see that they haven’t changed a bit in that time. We went out to a local Olive Garden restaurant for dinner and then caught each other up with all our news. (I love it when you can get together with friends and just pick up where you left off and so it is with them.) After our visit we headed back to the Moho and I am happy to say that for now, the rain has finally stopped!