A Day in Del Rio, Texas PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Tuesday, 03 April 2007 11:00

apr 4b-07.jpgYesterday we left El Paso just before noon, obviously not in any rush and we headed east on Highway 10 enroute to Houston. After a few hours we became bored with freeway driving and decided to alter our route a little. At Fort Stockton, we veered south onto Highway 285 which led us via Highway 90 to Del Rio, Texas located near the Amistad National Recreation Area. We arrived in Del Rio shortly after 5:00 PM and after checking a few RV parks settled in the new Amistad Outdoors Travel Park, located just outside of town. Unlike our previous experience, we used a visual inspection rather than reading one in a book and this place is immaculate. There are concrete pads, real grass, trees with leaves and the owner is very nice.

We decided to stay for two nights so we could explore the area a little before moving on to Houston. Today we drove into Del Rio, population 33,000 and then crossed the Rio Grande into Mexico for lunch. Ciudad Acuña is super clean, tidy and so unlike Los Algodones, near Yuma, it took us completely by surprise. There were pharmacies, optical shops and dentists like there are in Los Algodones but the streets were paved everywhere, the sidewalks were mostly tiled and there was not a piece of litter to be seen anywhere. There are nightclubs by the dozens, an assortment of quality gift shops and some decent restaurants so we chose to try a seafood one. We had an amazing meal, more than enough, and for a total of $15 (which we probably could have negotiated lower) we enjoyed the best meal deal anywhere.

After lunch we drove 40 miles west back to the Seminole Canyon where we took pictures of the Pecos River which flows into the Rio Grande. It is spectacular as you can see! On our return to the Moho we drove out on the Amistad Dam (which also leads into Mexico) and got a better view of the Amistad Reservoir (a favoured fishing location) and the Rio Grande.

By the way, the weather is still great, though partially overcast and incredibly humid (at least compared to the Coachella Valley) and today’s high of 27°C (81°F) felt more like 32°C (90°F) because of it. My hair is quickly becoming a frizz-ball again!

I am also struggling with adding pictures (it is a whole new experience from the old website and extremely frustrating) so please bear with me!