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Sunday, 22 February 2004 00:00
Typically, Sunday's are now NASCAR "Race Days". I use those days to catch up on my chores such as ironing and vacuuming. Some of you must think I am insane to even be ironing, however because we have a European style washer/dryer, if I don't take the clothes out of the machine as soon as it has finished, I risk the chance that the clothes will be wrinkled. The nice thing is that I can iron and work at my computer outside anyway and besides, I actually like ironing! Rick parks himself in front of the TV outside and watches the race and putters at various things at the same time. Today, he has been waxing (hence, Waxman title) and cleaning the bicycles and enjoying the sun.Cool
A number of our neighbours have been leaving but as quickly as they go, a gaggle of new ones come in. It's always interesting to meet the new ones and find out where they are from, what they do and where they are going. We have met a really nice couple from Oshawa, just across from us who are leaving for the Keys tomorrow. Vic and Val are "part-timers" with the full-time lifestyle calling to them. Currently they drive a Camper Van but are seriously looking into "upsizing" vehicles and downsizing their permanent home. This lifestyle does that, entices people to change their lives and embrace the freedom of being "rootless".
We will be starting our trek northward on Tuesday to meet up with Helen, Jim's mom, (my "other" mother-in-law). She is flying into Sebastian, FL to stay with friends where she and Rene, her late husband, wintered for the past several years. We will visit with her for three days then continue in a northwest direction. We are heading for Texas to visit some friends and to pick-up Rob and Rosanne who are flying into Dallas on March 13. They will be holidaying with us for 8 days. After that we will slowly make our way westward and up the coast as we are planning to be in Vancouver for the month of May. Tomorrow will be our last "beach day" here so we are heading over to Key Biscayne AGAIN in the morning. Ahhh.... this "rootless" life IS certainly a nice one!Laughing