Whispering Palms, Sebastian, Florida PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 February 2004 00:00
After a traffic congested drive, we arrived here at The Whispering Palms Resort just off US Highway 1, near Sebastian at 2:30 PM 

Our timing was perfect. The weather looked threatening and sure enough within an hour of our arrival the sky became ominous and the wind picked up. I even wondered if we were in for a tornado and as fast as it came in, the storm blew over but the mercury plunged from 32C (89F) to 23C (74F). Rick hooked up the power, water and sewer lines outside while I set down the jacks, put the slides out and set up the satellite dishes from the inside. The television satellite dish zeroed in on its target quickly, but the Internet dish was having difficulty. We were parked very close to a large palm tree and I needed Rick to go up on the roof and do a little pruning. One branch was dangling on the dish preventing it from getting a clear signal. Once Rick accomplished the task, the Datastorm dish pulled in a strong signal and I had my Internet.
Helen, (my "other" mother-in-law) and her friend Jan came over for a short visit just as the rain started. We are getting together tomorrow morning and again for dinner tomorrow night. After they left, Rick and I went up the road to a mall we passed on our way to the campground. We needed to get some cash and pick up a few things for dinner tomorrow night. In the morning we will bike around this park. It is a large adult park with two pools, two clubhouses, two laundry facilities, a lake, a tennis court, horseshoe pits, a basketball court, a games room and a shuffleboard court. The ocean is five minutes away; good fishing in the Indian River two minutes away; two golf courses within five minutes, several excellent restaurants; two major shopping centers and two hospitals are nearby. I can see why this was Helen and Rene's winter home.