A Rainy Day in Sebastian PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 February 2004 00:00
Since we arrived in Florida, we have only experienced a rainy day twice; once while we were in Tampa and once in Sebastian. I suppose we have been extremely lucky and despite the rain, it was still a warm 24C( 75F). The rain subsided after lunch, long enough for us to bicycle around the RV park. Really, it is an established retirement community with a combination of permanent house trailers, doublewides and fifth wheels mixed in with the transient population in the motorhomes, fifth wheels and trailers. Some of the residents only winter here in their permanent homes while there are others who live in theirs year round. Some of the transient guests stay here for three to six months while others, like us, are only here for a few days at a time. In Florida, there is a park for everyone no matter what his or her needs are.
Helen and her friends, Chuck and Jan, were coming for dinner tonight and because of the rain, eating outside just wasn't a possibility. Our table, besides not being large enough for five people to sit around has become my computer desk so we were going to eat picnic style, on our laps. I prepared most of the meal ahead of time and just before Helen, Chuck and Jan arrived, I dropped a bottle of wine on the marble floor.Surprised

Well, talk about a mess! There was broken glass everywhere and the floor and carpet were covered in wine! It took us over a half an hour to clean it all up and now the floor has a very visible dull finish that I cannot seem to correct. The crazy thing is that the wine was alcohol-free, but based on the look of my floor, more caustic than pure alcohol! I hope that it only requires the sealant to be re-applied!
The company was great, the meal enjoyable and a good time was had by all. Tomorrow the forecast is much better so Helen is going to show us around the area. In the picture starting from the left is Helen, Jan, me and Chuck.