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Friday, 02 April 2004 00:00
It had been suggested by Ranger Drew that we "must" go to Canyon De Chelly National Monument , about two and a half hours from here. He was so insistent that we go there that this morning we were up early and on our way up Highway 77 to the Navajo Indian Reservation where this monument was located. I have already mentioned that here they are entering the fifth year of a severe drought, but today rain was in the forecast with a high of only 15.5C (60F). Our long drive was rain free with some cloudy periods but the scenery was breathtaking.
First we stopped at the Hubbell Trading Post, a National Historic Site which is the oldest continuously operating trading post on the Navajo Indian Reservation. It was like walking back in time with it's old-time general store feel complete with Navajo artwork and jewellery among the moccasins, baskets, candy, groceries, saltlicks, saddle parts, blankets, soda and books. The Navajo Indians still run this trading post and all the items listed above are for sale.
Next we drove to Canyon De Chelly (pronounced De Shay). What an amazing place! We were in awe with the most incredible sights, the history and the drive. There are two "rims" to drive around to take in the views, with plenty of "overlooks" to stop at. The Navajo people have homes throughout the area and the history of the people and canyon is absolutely fascinating. There are guided tours available through the valley with Navajo guides either by horseback or jeep, however it was too cold to enjoy that today. The whole experience was so astounding that we have decided we will definitely come back here when the sun is shining and the weather, warmer. It is worthy of a lengthier visit with the help of a guide to explore the valley and learn more about the Navajo people, their spirituality and their culture!
By the way, I took over 200 pictures today, most of which you will find in Flickr (link to the left).