The Drive to Scottsdale PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 03 April 2004 00:00
We have spent the last three nights in the mountains, about 6,000 feet above sea level with temperatures in the low 40'sF at night. This morning when we woke up the temperature was a chilly 2C (36F) and they were calling for snow "showers" with a high of only 14C (57F). Sure enough, as we left there were snow showers but the temperature had risen to 5.5C (42F). Because we had a lot of precipitation, my photography opportunities were very limited which is a real shame.... the scenery we encountered was phenomenal.
In my ignorance, I never thought that Arizona consisted of much more than desert and cacti; I didn't even know that the Grand Canyon is located here. (Regrettably I hated geography in high school where I would have learned this had I cared then.) However, I have come to know that Arizona is a mecca of sheer beauty! Just when I think I have seen the most amazing countryside ever, we turn another corner and I see another incredible vista. I wish everyone could make this trip with us to see what we have seen. I have never been so grateful for being able to live on this continent and have the freedom that we enjoy as Canadians and North Americans.
We drove for three hours through the Apache Indian Reservation and only covered 70 miles because there were so many hairpin turns along our route. The climbs and the descents were breathtaking and Rick was as cool as a cucumber through it all. As we made our final trip down into the valley towards Scottsdale the vegetation and the temperature changed drastically. We are now surrounded by mountains in every direction, there is the type of cacti, Saguaro, I always expected to see in Arizona and the temperature has risen to 22C (72F). We are in suburbia again but it seems so clean with a Santa Fe décor on everything including the bridges and freeway walls. Arizona is certainly a feast for the eyes!