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Thursday, 16 September 2004 00:00
We reserved a spot on the 8:30 AM ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver so we were up early. I had another restless night, which I am attributing to the anticipation of planting ourselves soon in Vancouver for a few months while we wait for Karley and Ian's baby to arrive. The forecast was originally calling for sunshine, however it was changed to rain for the afternoon and we were hoping to get parked in Vancouver at the park we are staying at before the rain fell. Just as we were pulling into our campsite, the skies opened up so by the time we finished setting up we were both wet.

We have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do because we will be here for a long time and it has been somewhat neglected lately, however it could wait for another day. I had hoped to have the satellite dish working again for our Internet service but it is still malfunctioning and then I thought we would have cable access as a backup. That was another disappointment because the cable here is not two-way hence I will be look into dial-up until the dish can be made ready. It will be slow but better than nothing for sending and receiving email however I will be loading my journal entries from Karley's place every other day or so. We have a landline phone, for those of you who would like to call us and we carry the cell phones with us as well.

Just after we pulled in, another large motorhome pulled in from Ontario. The couple, from Ottawa, are even newer to fulltiming than we are (June) and like us are here for the winter. With the weather the Floridians have experienced of late, I won't be surprised if we meet some other Eastern snowbirds while we are here.
At this park, the Burnaby-Cariboo RV Park, we are only 20 minutes to Karley and Ian's and have easy access to the rest of Vancouver. September 16th seems to be a date of changes for me and it almost seemed fitting that this is the 11th anniversary of Jim's death. I think we'll grow fond of the area but I am sure we will be quite anxious to hit the road again sometime in the New Year. I suppose only time will tell!