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Wednesday, 15 September 2004 00:00
It poured all night and for some reason, getting some sleep was not on my agenda. I was restless all night long so needless to say, the night was a long one. Our oil change appointment wasn't scheduled until noon, however Rick called them this morning to see if we could get in early. My plan was just to relax and read because I knew I would be tired.

Last night, while we were poking around Nanaimo, a couple of books happened across our path so we bought them. I would like to recommend them as I finished the first one while we waited for the work to be completed and am part way through the second one. The first book, We Are Eternal, written by Robert Brown is quite fascinating and will help those sceptical folks who read some of my writings understand them better. The second book, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire by Deepak Chopra is even more definitive and demonstrates some of the scientific tests done recently on energy. Both books are easy to read and the scientific data is interpreted into laymen's terms making it easy for all to understand. You won't be disappointed and the information is most enlightening.

After the motorhome work was done, we returned to the RV campground to park it and then went to the Blue Ginger Sushi Bar and Satay Grill, a fabulous Asian Restaurant for dinner. We had some of the best Sushi we have ever eaten making it worthy of returning to someday. In fact we even ordered some to have for lunch tomorrow and if you are ever in Nanaimo, do yourselves a great favour and go there.
I am including another picture taken yesterday at MacMillan Park.