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Saturday, 18 September 2004 00:00
Last night, the skies really opened up and it poured rain all night even producing a thunderstorm, a rarity in these parts. We heard on the news that it is the wettest September here since the 1950's and so far we didn't think it was that bad. We were up early and by 9:30 AM we were heading over to Karley and Ian's to get the lowdown on the cats and house before they left for their vacation at 11:30.

After they left, I spent several hours getting caught up with my email, banking and address changing, something I couldn't do when I didn't have regular email access. It was great to finally wade through our mail, respond to it and get it all organized at last. By 4:00 PM we headed out to go grocery shopping and then went back to the motorhome where I cleaned out another cupboard and Rick got caught up on his paperwork and email. Bit by bit, we are lightening our load and the motorhome is becoming less cluttered. It is long overdue and our house is feeling quite homey again.

We have an "In-motion TracVision" satellite TV system on board in addition to the Internet satellite system and because it is under a dome, when it rains it doesn't work. We have cable here at the park but we prefer our Bell ExpressVu so we bought a separate dish on a tripod that Rick has set up so that we can get ExpressVu, rain or shine. (The things we have learned on this journey!)
Here is a shot of the Moho and the park taken from the roof of the clubhouse/store.