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Monday, 20 September 2004 00:00
We are enjoying the second day in a row of sunshine, not what was forecast and certainly a pleasant surprise. Although we are prepared for the rain when it comes, our experience so far is that it is intermittent and it sure beats shoveling snow! Everyday we are finding alternate routes to Karley and Ian's place so that we can get there without encountering traffic congestion when we need to arrive there in a hurry (like on delivery day!). We're making an effort to get acquainted with our "neighbourhood", the location of banks, stores and recreation facilities and services. In the future, Vancouver will be our hometown and so for the next few months while we are here we might as well become familiar with as much of it as possible.

We are really fortunate that this park is so conveniently located to where we want to be and it also has a lot of amenities to offer. The Burnaby-Cariboo RV Park has a nice, heated, indoor pool, a hot tub, an exercise room, a lounge with a TV, a games room and a well-stocked store. For such a central location, our site is quite private because there are tall cedar hedges separating the sites from each other and according to Harriet, the manager, it will quieten down with less campers by mid-October. When we were in Vancouver in May we visited several other RV parks and found this one to be the nicest one, hence our choice.

We discovered today that we are dangerously close to a Costco store. It is within walking distance and whenever we go there, even with a list, we always spend too much so now that we can actually walk to one, it is dangerous for the bank account. We always seem to find great deals on clothes, specialty foods and other things we should be able to live without but haven't figured out how to yet. Oh no, this may be a problem.Wink