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Wednesday, 22 September 2004 00:00
Our arrival in Vancouver has been comfortable and easy. Each day we become more and more familiar with our location and all the places we want to be at and we discover new places of interest as well. Since we are house and cat sitting this week we have been spending quite a bit of time on The Drive, picking up groceries or just window-shopping. It is by far one of the most "colourful" streets I have been on. The residents come from all walks of life; from the shabby-chic to the professional businessman to the flower child hippy and somehow all blend well together.

There are even a couple of "head" shops where up until a few weeks ago they were openly selling marijuana supposedly for medicinal purposes but evidently to anyone who wanted it. I am not sure if it made the news in Ontario, but it created quite a stir here and eventually the sales end was shut down. Even on rainy days, there is always a lot to see and there is no shortage of entertainment in the way of characters making their way along the street. I love the hustle and bustle here and the exercise from walking is great and badly needed as I have managed to gain about 10 pounds since we left Ontario making my clothing tight and uncomfortable.

We have both started to workout again, me on the NordicTrack and Rick using the equipment in the exercise room. I am one of the worst procrastinators on the face of the earth and always seem to have other things to do even though I know how much I need the exercise. Perhaps this time we can motivate each other enough to keep this program up for the duration of our stay here and when we return to Ontario next year we will still be recognizable. This pic is more of the Vancouver Seawall!