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Saturday, 16 October 2004 00:00
Some nights when I go to bed I simply turn out the lights and before I can even think about sleeping I have drifted off. Other nights I could recite the dictionary in two languages before dreamland even gets close. For the past two years, I use that time between turning out the lights and drifting off into a deep slumber to reflect upon the day's events and give thanks for all I have received. Lately, for the past three months I find myself fast asleep before I can complete that task.

Rick is lucky. He just has to stop moving physically and he starts to nod off. Seldom does he see a whole program on the TV and reading is out of the question. The lights can be on, the television could be blaring and he can be sitting upright in a chair and he still manages to drift off. It's in his blood it seems because his mother has the same ability. He tells me that Angie used to ride with him on his motorcycle when she was a little girl and he had to "Bungee" cord her to his back because she would fall asleep. I have been driving with Bill in the passenger seat and in mid-sentence he has started sawing logs. What a gift!

I used to read before bed to help put me into a drowsy state and I will often still use that technique, however depending on the book will determine how quickly sleep happens. It has often had the opposite effect on me and 3:00 AM will be long gone and I will still be deeply engrossed by what I am reading. As I grow older and more settled it seems it is getting much easier. Here it is 2:22 AM as I write this and I fell off into the dream state at 11:00 PM after completing a chapter of a book I am currently reading. Falling asleep doesn't seem to be the problem, however it seems staying asleep is. Sweet dreams folks! Wink