Satellite Woes PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 24 October 2004 00:00
Yesterday's hailstorm and the subsequent shaking of the awning resulted in both the television and the Internet satellite dish losing reception briefly. The TV came back on track fairly quickly however; the Internet remained off signal for the day. Long story short, we woke up this morning and spent over three hours struggling with various attempts to get it back on track. By 1:30 PM, well after the NASCAR race was on, we finally had it up and running again but not without some major frustration. It turned out that a tiny wire had come loose on the back of the control module, which caused the whole system to go wonky and us to get extremely annoyed.

We have learned about an upgraded version of the Internet system we have and we are hoping to switch our system over soon. It seems we are somewhat like "guinea pigs" with ours and some of the problems we have encountered have been eliminated with the upgrade. Like all technology, what you buy today is quickly outdated and there are newer, better things on the market almost overnight. The sad thing is that we pay such a high price for it, both financially and emotionally.

By this morning the weather had calmed considerably and we were experiencing a mixture of sun and cloud with no precipitation. (Though it is still quite cool here) It was a good day to read, write and get caught up on some correspondence. The satellite fiasco had delayed our whole day and I didn't even workout until well after lunch so the afternoon seemed to fly by. We invited Karley and Ian to join us for dinner, a swim in the pool and a movie and before long, our day was over. Though it had started out slowly and was frustrating at times, it ended well because we were relaxed and with each other.