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Monday, 25 October 2004 00:00

When I look at Karley, memories of me being pregnant come flooding back. She is in the uncomfortable stage now with a sore back, aching bones and awkwardness that often accompanies pregnancy. Everytime I see her, I am overwhelmed with memories and emotions and find my heart swelling with pride. I am also a little saddened because her father is not alive to see her like this and I know how proud he would have been, too. I feel so blessed that Rick, as my partner, will be enjoying this role of grandparent and can't help but feel that Jim would approve. The friendship these two shared was such that I know Jim would sooner see Rick here in his place than anyone else.

Tonight, I invited Karley over after work, so I could give her a Reiki treatment, something I hadn't done for anyone since June. I wanted to help relieve some of her discomfort and I knew the Reiki would be helpful. During the treatment, the baby was quite active and we saw and felt plenty of movement. It's hard to believe that in two months Karley will be a mom and I, a grandmother. After we were finished, Rick joined us as we went shopping at the nearby Costco. As usual "Grandpa Rick" found a gift for junior, something that happens nearly everytime we shop. He has taken on the role of expectant grandfather with excitement and a love that only a grandpa can feel and I already know this child will never want for anything from him.

We are reaching a milestone in our lives; all of us, the parents, both sets of grandparents and the aunts and uncles and it will be an exciting event for us all. There is still much preparation for "baby's" arrival but bit-by-bit, it is being done. I remember this stage of pregnancy and despite the discomfort, I remind Karley that someday she too will reflect back to this time with a warm love in her heart and a tear in her eye. It all goes by too fast, I know that with certainty.