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Wednesday, 27 October 2004 00:00

oct 27-04.jpg"Susan Hollingshead is studying to be a witch. And she is paying $15 an hour to do it." So says the first lines under the heading, "Wiccans - or witches - are moving into mainstream society" in the Vancouver Sun's, West Coast News section this morning.... Freakin' Hilarious! Yesterday, my channelling instructor at The West Coast Institute of Metaphysical Arts called me to see if I would speak to a reporter at the Sun in the capacity of a student. It seems, in line with Halloween, the Sun was doing some stories on various themes and wanted some info on the metaphysical and as a result they went to the school to speak with Kelly, the owner and Susan Harris my teacher. I agreed to be interviewed however I am neither studying witchcraft nor am I paying $15 an hour to do so and unlike what the article says, I also haven't been there for a year.

The rest of the article is actually very interesting as it delves into the history of Wicca or Witchcraft, some of it's principals and it's origins. Contrary to mythology, it is not something to be feared and is essentially an Earth based religion whose members worship nature and the changing of the seasons. Their focus is to get in touch with the environment and honour the planet, not cast spells nor do they ride around on brooms. Halloween, October 31, is the Wiccan high holy day of the year and November 1 is their New Year's Day.

Interestingly enough, November 1st marks two anniversaries of "New Years" for me too; November 1, 1998 is the day I quit drinking and November 1, 1999 is the day Grandview Lodge was sold. Maybe I am supposed to be a witch, after all I have been referred to as that on many occasions (well, it sounds like witch!) and my mother tells me my great grandmother was considered to be a witch. Perhaps it's hereditary.... hilarious! I'll let you know when I have my cauldron on the go!