Scary Masks PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 October 2004 00:00

oct 28-04.jpgThis is the time of year where people of all ages are seen wearing colourful masks and costumes for Halloween, however it makes me think of the masks we all wear everyday that no one sees. I think we are all guilty of hiding behind these masks at times in our lives and some people just never take them off. By masks I don't mean make-up (which by the way, can do wonders) or cosmetic surgery (I could spend a day on that topic) but I am referring to the invisible ones we use to hide our true selves and our emotions.

I, for one am guilty of having worn a mask for my entire life. As a child, self-confidence was not instilled in me and I was extremely shy. It is a problem that haunts me to this day and one I work very hard with daily to overcome. I have used my "mask" of self-confidence to get me through life and I think have worn it well because most people who know me will tell you I am not shy at all. In my recent life, with my spiritual journey, I am learning to face my weaknesses and it has not always been the most comfortable thing for me to do. I am fortunate enough to be married to a man who nurtures my self worth and unbeknownst to him, he has been helping me to develop a newfound confidence in myself, which in turn gives me the courage to take my mask off sometimes. Baring it all here on this site has been extremely therapeutic also and I am grateful for the modern technology that makes it possible.

I have always admired those vibrant, vivacious people who seem so fearless but I also wonder what kind of masks they wear. We all do it; use these "masks" to hide behind lest we be seen by others to be weak or ordinary and we do it to be accepted. Wouldn't it be nice if this year for Halloween, everyone took their masks off, if just for the day? Perhaps there would be a lot less "monsters" out there and then again.... maybe there would be a whole lot more! Scary!! Laughing