Our Search for Jack PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 30 October 2004 00:00

oct30-04.jpgRick and Ian were working on the new bathroom at Ian's place today and Karley had a morning appointment, so I had some quiet time to read. In the afternoon, Karley and I went out in search of a pumpkin or two to carve into Jack-o-lanterns. We headed to the Safeway at the Lougheed Town Centre near here because she hadn't found any in the produce shops near her place. We walked all over the store and finally asked a clerk who seemed to know what she was talking about and she said there was a shortage of them. After checking with the private, fresh produce shop in the mall, again finding none, we did what any self-respecting woman would do; we shopped for clothes and shoes!

I know this process is merely a pacifier, but it is one I have found to be very effective. If you can't find what you are looking for, it can be quite down heartening so why not shop for something else altogether? That has always been my philosophy and it seems to have been firmly instilled in my daughter too, so I guess, I did a good job. I mean we could have gone on looking elsewhere for a pumpkin and we did look in Wal-Mart for suitable Halloween themed decorations, but they had all been picked over and the left-overs were in sad shape. Besides, we were at a mall! Rather than leave there feeling dejected and depressed, we knew that shopping for clothes would have to suffice and fill in that pumpkin need that was burning deep inside of us. We wandered from store to store looking for that special something that would satisfy the pumpkin yearning and soon we had found the right combination of necessities.

Karley left there with a new vest, two pairs of gloves and two pairs of boots and her acquisitions were sufficient enough to leave us both content. We had a fun afternoon searching for "Jack" but when the clerk said there was a shortage, what else is a woman to do? Maybe we'll get lucky and find "him" tomorrow! Wink