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Sunday, 31 October 2004 00:00
This morning while Rick and Ian continued to work on the new bathroom, Karley and I attended a spiritual church that she frequents occasionally. It gave her a chance to see some of her old friends from her single days and it was a nice change for us. On our way to the church we discovered a pumpkin patch (yay!) which we returned to after the service. We ended up with four pumpkins of various sizes at a reasonable cost. It was obvious that the clerk at Safeway from yesterday had no idea what she was talking about!

The four of us spent a couple of hours in the afternoon at the newspaper-covered dining room table, carving out our works of art. Rick chose the smallest pumpkin to carve and I, the second smallest because we are "carved out" from our Grandview days when we would carve several for decorative purposes on Thanksgiving weekend every year. Ian tackled the largest one while Karley carved the "Mama" pumpkin and we all saved the seeds for roasting. We finished our pumpkins "mugs" and placed them around outside the house with candles in them, hoping to entice a few trick-or-treaters up the front steps.

We had forgotten that the time change had taken effect and at first there were only one or two costumed kiddies knocking on the door but by 6:30 PM, we were in full swing with the doorbell ringing continuously. Karley and Ian's big bowl of goodies was diminishing rapidly. Once it quieted down a little, Rick and I walked up to The Drive to get some sushi for dinner and see if there were any ghosts or goblins flying around there, but the street was quiet. While we watched Interview With a Vampire on TV, we munched on sushi, roasted pumpkin seeds and answered just a couple more rings before calling it a night.

In Vancouver at Halloween, they celebrate the occasion with fireworks, apparently the only time of year they can be legally purchased. This is a strange phenomenon to us Ontario natives and fireworks could be heard and seen going off all over the city. Even back at the motorhome, as we were preparing for bed there was a constant exploding sound heard in the distance. It seems like a strange time of year to be enjoying them but we saw no evidence of vandalism here so perhaps this is a better alternative. Anyway, hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Laughing