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Monday, 07 March 2005 16:00
When we woke up this morning we were still faced with a dense fog covering everything but we walked to the beach for a walk to see the ocean. There, we met two local fishermen casting for and successfully catching some "surf" perch, apparently a very tasty meal. The surf was loud and frothy and occasionally we caught a glimpse of blue sky, we thought an indication of another clear day. Unfortunately, it stayed with us while we drove along the coast, obliterating any scenic vistas we may have encountered. At one point we came across a very bad accident involving a car and a dump truck, which was obviously caused by the lack of visibility.

We left the RV park at 10:30 AM and we crossed into California an hour later, but not before stopping in Brookings, Oregon at a Dutch Brother's Coffee kiosk for an Americano coffee, a treat we hadn't had from them since last spring. We saw fields crowded with "Canada" geese and we passed a few strawberry farms along our drive. At one of them, I saw a farmer wearing a "Haz Mat" suit as he drove his tractor while spraying his fields with pesticides and herbicides. It reminded me to think twice before eating California strawberries in the future unless I want a chemical treat!

As we drove along the Redwood Highway, through the Redwood National Park we were surrounded by towering giants making us immediately aware of how small we really are, like sand fleas on the beach! As we climbed up the Coast Range, at one point we emerged only to find ourselves well above the clouds. It reminded me of the sight I have often seen when on an airplane and at that moment I was made aware that the "fog" was merely low-lying clouds. As our path took us inland the clouds disappeared and we enjoyed a warm sun taking our temperature from 14C to 23C. We soon realized that the scenery inland was just as spectacular as we imagined the coast to be and were no longer disappointed by the fog's obstruction.