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Tuesday, 08 March 2005 16:00
Last Friday we took Sam the cat to the vet because she had an ear infection and was displaying signs of discomfort. The vet prescribed a broad-spectrum antibiotic to treat what she suspected the infection to be but promised to email us with the results of the culture she had done. Sam seemed to be feeling better at first but has been slipping since Sunday. Last night I received an email telling us that Sam's infection was a staph infection and that the medication we had was ineffective. Today, we saw a vet in Garberville near here and she is now on the proper medication so hopefully she will be feeling better soon.

Garberville is a picturesque little town located along Hwy 101, the Redwood Highway, about five hours north of San Francisco and 8 miles north of here. The drive there winds through some of the forest and is surround by beautiful rolling hills dissected with rivers and speckled with bright orange California poppies. After taking Sam back home, we went back for lunch at Nacho Mama, an organic fast food restaurant where we enjoyed some really tasty Mexican style food. From there we drove along the southfork of the Eel River to the Avenue of the Giants, a scenic route surrounded by the towering redwoods.

The weather here is warm and sunny with the high today reaching 24C and the evening temperatures dropping to about 10C. After we returned to the motorhome and had a nap (simply because we can) we switched our winter clothes for our spring and summer clothes stored in a compartment underneath. For us it was almost like Christmas unpacking clothes we had forgotten about and haven't seen since last fall. Tomorrow we are continuing our journey south so hopefully we will put them to good use.