Goodbye New Mexico PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 08 April 2005 16:00
Last night, after we parked the motorhome, I attempted to get online, however, even though we had a strong signal and everything seemed fine, the dish would not connect with the satellite. We struggled with it for what seemed like hours to no avail so we watched TV while I made dinner, I wrote in my journal entry and we both fell into bed, exhausted. We hadn't exactly exerted ourselves but I suppose with the long drive and the frustration of the Internet, we were worn out.

This morning we were up at the crack of dawn and after catching some local news on TV decided we would be better off to get an early start and drive past Albuquerque, where we had planned to stay for a few days, on to Amarillo, Texas. It had dropped to freezing overnight and the forecast in this area was for more wind, then rain and possibly even some wet snow, nothing that we liked the sound of. By 8:15 AM we were on the road, heading east to Texas and hopefully into some better, warmer weather.

When we look for an RV park, an added bonus is a swimming pool. We had found one in one of our "discount" books just outside of Amarillo that had one and so we made that today's destination. As we left New Mexico, we left behind the picturesque canyon walls, the lava fields and the rock formations and headed into the pancake-flat prairies of northern Texas that span for miles. Though still somewhat desert-like, there were areas with small trees and some green pastureland with cattle grazing and an occasional feedlot. The temperature rose to 26C but we were still being blasted with high winds. We arrived at our destination park however as you can see, the pool has had very limited swimming use and we are quite happy that we are here only overnight. It just goes to show that park descriptions can be greatly embellished and extremely deceiving.