A Long Day PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 April 2005 16:00

We are parked in an RV park with only three other RV's in what seems like the middle of nowhere. As it turns out we are also in probably the only area that is not experiencing a lot of turbulent weather. The only real weather problem has been high winds with some really strong gusts, so strong that last night we brought in the bedroom and living room slides. They both have automatic awnings that come out when the slides are extended and with the ferocity of the wind we weren't sure that they wouldn't get ripped if a sudden gust got underneath them. The wind continued throughout the day but finally, by this evening it has calmed down.

We have decided to stay here for at least two more nights so we can explore the state park beside us. It seems we are staying at the second largest canyon in the US next to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Who knew? We certainly were unaware that there was anything else out here other than flat, flat pastureland in this part of the world. The owner of this RV park tells us it is 150 miles long with much of it on private property. Imagine owning your very own piece of another "Grand Canyon"? Anyway, we have a pretty great view of it from here and feel it would be well worth checking it out, so tomorrow we will do so.

Today we headed into Amarillo to pick up some groceries and we were thrilled to find a great health food store complete with a cafeteria. We ate lunch, loaded up on some healthy groceries and then headed over to the T/A Travel Center to purchase a cell phone booster for the motorhome. We have found ourselves in areas where the cell phone reception has been severely limited due to poor reception (like where we are now) and this booster should help to resolve the problem. We also went to the Flying J to access their wireless Internet so I could upload yesterday's journal and get an email from our satellite expert in Lindsay. It seems the satellite we have been using isn't performing that well lately and we have to switch to a different one. It is a bit of a lengthy process but the fact that I am back online indicates that we managed to handle it okay. Our email is down temporarily but will be back up and running tomorrow. It's been a long day!