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Wednesday, 13 April 2005 16:00
We are planning to be back in Ontario by May 1st and we have a stop in Indiana on April 27th, hence the reason we are eastbound. We realize that May 1st is over 2 weeks away and it certainly won't take us that long to get back there however it is tornado season in this neck of the woods and we are trying to avoid THAT whole scenario. Besides, historically Ontario can't be counted on to be snow-free quite yet so we are trying to stay where it is warm for as long as possible. So far, since we left Vancouver in early March, we have been extremely lucky and we have only had a half-day of rain while we were in Desert Hot Springs (of all places, we get rain in the desert!!) We are trying desperately to maintain that lucky record and so we are moving a little faster than we planned and are watching the weather forecasts very closely.

This morning we woke up in the Gainesville Wal-Mart parking lot, ate our breakfast and set off by 8:30 AM. We thought we would like to get to Crossett, Arkansas about 325 miles away because some unsettled weather is scheduled to move into the northern Texas area this weekend. Our drive was excellent; great roads, great weather, little traffic and even fewer insects on the windshield than yesterday. We are taking Hwy 82E, preferring to stay off the Interstate and so far we have not been disappointed with our choice. We drove through emerald green Texas Lake country and we drove by huge horse ranches like we would expect to see in Kentucky. There were areas of terrain similar to Ontario and were it not for the occasional dead armadillo, road-killed possum and lowly oilrig we would be hard pressed to see the difference. We drove through Paris, Detroit and New Boston, all Texas towns and we drove  through Arkansas to Mississippi.

Tonight we are parked at the welcome centre in Greenville, Mississippi at the invitation of one of the hostesses. We were looking for an RV park when she kindly offered the use of their secured, guarded parking lot and seeing as we were tired and planning to leave here first thing tomorrow, we were very grateful. So we missed Arkansas, however we have been there before and we will go back on a different trip when the weather isn't so unsettled dictating where we should go.