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Sunday, 17 April 2005 16:00
Yesterday, after our late night on Saturday, we were still exhausted. You'd think we were 90 years old recovering from hangovers instead of tee-totalling 50-year-olds! Rather than explore or casino-hop, we opted to hang out at the RV Park and that way Rick could watch the NASCAR race and polish the motorhome while I did laundry...lots of laundry. I mentioned once before that one of the downsides of doing the casino thing was the gift of second-hand smoke in our lungs but another thing is the lingering odour of smoke on our clothes. Between the smoky Juke Joints of Saturday night and the casinos of Friday, we had a lot of clothes that needed to be washed.

Today our only plan was to go to Memphis, 40 minutes north of here, to check out Beale Street and to replenish our grocery supply. Beale Street attracts 5,000,000 visitors a year to it's bars, Juke Joints and clubs to hear all kinds of music and to learn about it's colourful history. We are planning to return there later this week during the evening hours to enjoy some of the sounds but for today we just wanted to familiarize ourselves with the area. After exploring Beale Street we headed for the grocery store.

Yesterday I went online searching for an organic food supplier and to my delight, discovered a Wild Oats Market in Memphis. We are not in a part of the world where vegetarianism is commonplace so when we discover places like this, I am always pleasantly surprised. We wandered around the store finding many new and interesting foods as well as some old familiar standbys and after loading up our cart, we enjoyed a great lunch from the deli section before heading back to Robinsonville. The balance of our afternoon was spent relaxing at the motorhome, enjoying the weather and some of our day's acquisitions!