Even The Amish Have Trailers! PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 June 2005 16:00
We are in RV Country. In fact over 50% of all the nations recreational vehicles are made here and in neighbouring Elkhart County and as a result you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone local not positively impacted by it. There are manufacturers of trailers in all shapes and sizes, Class A motorhomes like ours, Class C motorhomes (smaller RV's with a van cab), tent pop-ups and pre-fabricated mobile homes. The local residents are either employed directly by one of them or indirectly by a parts manufacturer supplying the larger companies.

The Amish and the Mennonites who work at the various factories either get to their jobs on their bicycles or by getting a ride with someone who drives and their workday typically starts at dusk. Because the communities are close-knit, everyone helps each other and their work ethic is outstanding. The folks who don't work in the RV industry, either farm or work in the shops and restaurants catering to the thousands of tourists that visit here annually and there are bakeries and woodworking shops at every turn. Mennonites and Amish people are extremely industrious and are astute business people hence we have seen no poverty here at all.

Due to the lack of air polluting factories the air here seems to be cleaner, less toxic and the plant life thrives, as do the farm animals and we have yet to see a yard without a huge, lush vegetable garden. On our evening drives, we have seen teenagers in dresses and bonnets or long-sleeved shirts and pants playing volleyball or sitting on porch swings, not hanging out in malls. It's good to see families happily doing so many things together; gardening, cooking and playing simple games and it makes us realize that their "old fashioned" lifestyle isn't so bad. Despite their lack of modern conveniences they sure seem to be having a good time!