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Friday, 24 June 2005 16:00
The drive from Shipshewana, Indiana to Barrie, Ontario takes a little over eight hours and because we liked it so much where we were, we decided to drive the full eight hours in one day. We were on the road by 9:00 AM and shortly after we left, Rick suggested we drive to Highways 12 and 69, to Coldwater, where we could stop for breakfast. When he first said that, I assumed he was joking around because I knew that it was a long way to Coldwater, Ontario where Highways 12 and 69 meet. However, it was when he assured me that Coldwater, Michigan was only an hour or so away that I looked on the map and saw that it too sits where Highways 12 and 69 converge. What are the chances of that?

Our drive north was a hot one, at one point the outside temperature read 44C, and we ran the generator the whole way home in order to run the rooftop air conditioners. This time we crossed the border at Sarnia, a much nicer crossing than Windsor and we were back in Canada shortly after 1:00. We made the mandatory stop at a Tim Horton's before taking a cross-country drive up to Barrie hence avoiding the rush of cottagers heading north for the weekend. By the time we arrived at Gayle and Graham's house in Barrie it was 7:00 PM and both our drivers were exhausted.

As we helped Gayle and Graham unload their belongings back into their house, I couldn't help but be grateful that we had no "unloading " of our own to do. It is little things like that, that remind me how lucky we are to be carefree RVers instead of responsible homeowners. Despite that, the four of us had a great little holiday and we are looking forward to doing it again in the near future!