A Clue?? Print
Tuesday, 28 June 2005 16:00
Today my intentions to clean the motorhome were good but several things cropped up that changed my plans. We need new mufflers for the motorcycle in order to certify it and rather than pay the $550 each that St.Onge Recreation wants, I went to work on the internet to source out a cheaper supplier. After two hours I was able to find a parts dealer in Calgary who can provide after market ones for $440 for the pair. Apparently, the older bikes frequently require new mufflers and Cobra manufactures these ones to combat the prohibitively expensive ones from Kawasaki. Anyway, my morning was shot and I still had to go up to the school where Rosanne works to retrieve my camera that I left behind last night.

From the school I headed over to Wal-Mart to pick up a prescription that I had left there three weeks ago. After several searches through several bins, they discovered that Rick's name had been recorded as Eric and 45 minutes and a lot of paper work later, I left there with the 'script in hand. I stopped at Food Basic's to pick up a few ingredients for Gazpacho (it is way too hot for a hot dinner) and then I made my way home.

On my route back, I was appalled at the excessive smog in the air and I wondered what it will take for all of us (all of humanity) to really do something about it. We are slowly killing our planet and when smog is so visible in cottage country, it is time to take it seriously. It saddens me to remember the good old days when smog was confined only to large cities and know that it has now reached the countryside too. We wonder why diseases such as asthma, cancer, multiple sclerosis, ADD and ADHD are on the rise and we overlook the fact that our children are forced to breath in gobs of polluted air daily, which is also absorbed by animals and plants in the food chain. Really, (As Dr. Phil would say) what does a clue look like?