Our First Day at Sea PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 17 July 2005 16:00
Last night we walked around the ship a few times, enjoyed two "salad"meals at two different restaurants and we managed to see some of the most surreal landscape. Of course as the ship proceeded north and the sun dove into the horizon, the air chilled but it didn't get so cold that we needed our lined jackets...yet. Through the night, I woke up a couple of times feeling a wee bit nauseated but dismissed it as a figment of my overactive imagination. By 6:40 AM I could definitely feel the swaying of the ship and after waking Rick up to confirm that he felt it too, (which he really appreciated! Wink) I got up to put on my Sea bands. These are wristbands that apply pressure to meridian points to halt the nausea and they work because I am no longer feeling like I am going to "barf".

We met Helen for breakfast and organized some of our plans for the day; for instance where and when we should have dinner and what onshore excursions we should sign up for over the next few days. We took part in an information session for the onshore excursions and Rick and I decided to sign up for three different ones, which for us sound the most interesting, so I suppose we'll see.

The weather this morning was overcast but as the day has progressed we have seen plenty of sunshine. It is warm when we are in a sheltered area on the decks but once we step into the wind it feels quite chilly. We can see why they recommend that we bring jackets and for those who have forgotten to bring them, they are available for sale at a surprisingly reasonable cost in the gift shop. So far today we have discovered a couple more bars and the photograph studio, which we missed yesterday but I think we have finally covered most of the ship. Stay tuned for more...