We Need A Good Night's Sleep PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 August 2005 16:00
As I write this, it is 10 PM and we are at the Moon Lake Community and Campground in Laingsburg, Michigan. The RV Park, self described as a "family campground" is built around the edge of Moon Lake that, though weedy, is quite pretty. However the RV Park is surrounded by a trailer park, which makes the one in the Canadian TV series, Trailer Park Boys, look like a high-class subdivision. Based on some of the folks we have seen here, Bubbles (one of the show's characters) would fit right in and no doubt, there would be no shortage of story plots.

We left Markham at 10:30 in order to meet up with Gayle and Graham at a truck stop in Milton at noon. After lunch in the restaurant, from there the two motorhomes headed west on Highway 401 towards Sarnia where we crossed into Michigan. Rather than head directly to Indiana, we decided to stop before it got dark and Moon Lake Campground was the destination of choice. Staying here allowed us to enjoy a veggie burger barbecue but we are quite happy that we are only here for one night.

While dinner was being prepared Rick and Graham tinkered with something mechanical while Rosanne, Gayle and I engaged in some great conversation. The temperatures here were in the low 30'sC when we first arrived but fortunately it has cooled a little. At least we have 50-amp service, which enables us to use our dual air-conditioners because though cooler, we are back into the humidity we said goodbye to Thursday. It will be an early morning for us and we are off to bed so we can be well rested for tomorrow. Tonight we reserved 5 tickets for the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which we are going to and for that we want to be wide-awake!!