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Friday, 14 October 2005 16:00
We are both simultaneously excited and sad to be leaving here tomorrow. It's funny how that happens but we always get excited when we leave one place that we have been at for awhile on our way to someplace new. Rick loves driving the motorhome more than any other part of this lifestyle so he always get charged up when we are preparing to get on the road again. At the same time, we will be leaving Makai and his parents for a while and saying goodbye to them is never easy. Makai is changing so much on a daily basis and because his personality is developing, he has become quite an entertainer. We will miss all the changes that will be inevitably occurring over the next few months and will rely on getting updates and photographs from Karley and Ian.

This morning we started the final preparations for our departure tomorrow by putting things away that could become projectiles once we are in transit. Rick removed the wheel covers and outside window shades and I vacuumed and did the last bit of laundry before we headed to The Drive. I wanted to pick up some ingredients to make a large batch of granola to have on hand while we are on the road. When we dropped by the house, we had hoped to see Makai once more before we leave but he was away on an excursion with his dad. Fortunately, we had a great afternoon with him yesterday and we said our goodbyes then so it will have to hold us over until we see him again in the New Year.

Tonight, Karley and Ian came over to the motorhome and then took us out for a farewell dinner at Pasta Polo, a great restaurant not far from here. Afterwards, we had planned to go to a movie together but instead we decided to come back to the motorhome. While Karley touched up our hairstyles for the last time, (this is the fourth haircut I have had in four weeks) we watched a movie at home complete with fresh popcorn. Yes, it will be sad to leave here tomorrow but just as exciting to be on the road heading south, especially knowing we will see everyone again soon.