Goodbye Oregon, Hello California! PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 22 October 2005 16:00

We have to be in Riverside, California, roughly 1300 kilometres south of Eugene, for first thing Wednesday morning. When we had our new furniture installed in our coach in August, we noticed that the couch had three deep grooves in the back cushions that were obviously not supposed to be there. We took the motorhome with the newly installed furniture in it over to the Flexsteel factory in Indiana for them to assess and they agreed that it was damaged. As we had time constraints then, they arranged for us to have it repaired or replaced at the factory in Riverside while we were in California, hence the need to get there.

This morning the weather in Eugene was cloudy with highs expected near 18C but where we were headed it was forecast to be sunny and hot. Yay! We were on the road by 8:45 AM, it was misty with patchy fog and the temperature was 13C. Normally we try to avoid interstate highways because typically there isn't much to see other than billboards everywhere but Oregon is the exception. The terrain is so varied and nearly everywhere you look there is a river, lake or waterfall that even along the interstate it is beautiful.

I wish I could photograph everything while somehow keeping the windshield spotless so that I could accurately depict what we saw, but it is impossible. If we stopped at every scenic spot, we would never get anywhere so my photography was limited to what I could get through a buggy windshield. We climbed up into the mountains and cruised through some gorgeous valleys and the further south we drove, the warmer the temperatures got. By noon, we were past Medford, in southern Eugene and the mercury had risen to 18C. The landscape gradually became increasingly dryer and once we crossed into California, we could see the remnants of a brush fire. Snow-covered Mount Shasta loomed in the background and we basked in temperatures of 25C. By the time we reached Shasta Lake, around 2:30, the windshield was completely "bugged" up, preventing me from getting any photographs of it's beautiful colour, massive size and overall beauty. We arrived in Red Bluff, where we are staying for the night at 3:15; the temperature was 29C, it was sunny and dry...we're lovin' it!