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Tuesday, 01 November 2005 16:00

Just a few days ago I wrote about the fact that I had been looking for a way to make our website generate a passive income. Initially I had decided that it would detract from the daily entries and commercialize the site and that was not something I wanted to have happen. Well, as you can see, I have had second thoughts and now every page has some subtle ads across the top. I researched Goggle's AdSense program even more and consulted with our web page designer, Steve Gaston of Loogadis, who wholeheartedly endorsed it, so here they are. The ads aren't annoying pop-ups, they don't dominate the pages and I think they won't interfere with what is written. In fact, after skimming through the site, I found several advertisements that looked really interesting. If they do indeed generate some income, I will finally be able to say that I earn money from my writing even if it isn't with published articles or books!

Today, my friend, Jennifer and I drove into Palm Springs to pick up some supplies and to familiarize ourselves a bit more with the area. Rick stayed behind to do some more work with the landscaping crew and tonight the three of us went to a potluck dinner, hence the need for supplies. When Jenn and I returned from our excursion, I went out to find Rick who was busying himself at another RV just over a couple of sites from us.

Before we left Vancouver, he had decided to grow his moustache and a small beard and for the past three weeks, I have been adjusting to this "new" look. Imagine my surprise when I came back from town to find my husband clean-shaven again. Even though Rick had a moustache when we met which I liked, once he shaved it off I think he looked even better. After only three weeks of this new facial hair, his appearance was something I was trying hard to get used to and as much as he still looked great, I have to say, it's nice to see his whole face again.