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Thursday, 03 November 2005 16:00

Last night, Rick and I joined Sue, the lady who sold us our membership with RPI, Dail, (yes that is how it is spelled) her husband and Bill and Ron, Sue's brothers, for dinner at a restaurant in Palm Springs. It was the first time we have been out to a restaurant for dinner since we arrived here and it was a nice change. With the exception of the non-stop whimpering child sitting a few tables away from us, we had a good meal with great company and a lot of laughs. Once the mother finally departed with her whining two-year-old in arms, the whole restaurant breathed a sigh of relief and the night improved tremendously. We ate too much but slept well and when I went to bed, I was looking forward to my day today and the plans I had made.

This morning I awoke with a stuffy nose, which I initially attributed to allergies, however as the morning wore on, it became apparent that I had contracted a cold. I was able to do my morning exercise routine but the rest of my day took a slide and all my plans went out the window. I had planned to give Jennifer, our neighbour friend a Reiki treatment, something I haven't done for a long time and something we were both looking forward to.

Actually, Jennifer was to be my practice warm-up treatment as I was getting together with Jack Marshall, the massage therapist here, to exchange a Reiki treatment from me for a massage treatment from him. By the time 11:00 AM had arrived, (the time I had scheduled for Jenn's session) my nose was running like a leaky faucet and it was apparent that I was not going to be able to work on anyone. At 1:00, I went over to Jack's place and together we walked up to his treatment salon where he gave me a quick sample of what I would be missing. I was cold and achy so a full treatment was out of the question as it would be unappreciated but I can tell you I am looking forward to rescheduling our exchange for another time. I spent much of my day, laying on the couch to give my runny nose a break and taking mega doses of Echinacea, Vitamin C and zinc all in an effort to get over this quickly. I guess today's planned events were just not meant to be but you can be sure as soon as I can work without a box of Kleenex in hand, yours truly will be exchanging some energy with my friends!